She deserves to dream of a future that’s free from FDV.

Together, we can make it her reality.

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View our latest campaign film ‘Warrior Women’ here.

Written and developed by Orana House refuge staff and survivors of domestic violence. Produced with thanks to Sunburnt Films.




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We provide stable accommodation, advocacy and holistic support for women and children experiencing family and domestic violence. At Orana House, we believe in empowering everyone to make positive decisions to end family and domestic violence in the community. We’ve been supporting women and children in Perth for over 30 years. We’ll be there for you, too.

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Did you know?

Intimate partner violence contributes to

more death, disability and illness in women aged 15 to 44

than any other preventable risk factor.

In Australia on average

1 woman is killed every week

by a current or former partner.

1 in 3 women have experienced

physical and/or sexual violence

perpetrated by someone known to them.


Testimonials from our SWitCH program participants

‘It made me not only see the cycles I was in, but also the cycles my daughter is caught up in and therefore I’ve been able to guide her more effectively.’

‘The best thing was discussion, sharing experiences, venting out in a safe space and being given helpful advice.’

‘My children now feel like they can approach me with a lot more ease and confidence, knowing that Mum will not just shut their feelings down; instead I welcome what they have to say.’


- Anon
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Testimonials from our SWitCH program participants

‘Let me tell you, it’s not easy…everyone is still on edge or so damaged they don’t know which way is up. That’s why, for me, Orana staff were a Godsend, they weren’t hurt or angry or guarded; they were calm and offered a listening ear, some small advice and support.’

‘When we moved into the community, Orana staff would call me to see how things were. Their support and understanding parenting my daughter was very helpful.’

- Anon