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Impact Agents are key allies in the fight for equitable access to rental properties for those who need it most.

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Join our rental registry and connect with your ideal tenants.


With a lease in place, survivors of family violence are able to move into a secure home and move forward with their lives safely. You’ve also got a reliable tenant who has access to a wealth of supportive services.


Orana House’s project ‘Housing Families’ has already secured rentals for 12 Warrior Women. Now they’re thriving and their landlords are thrilled. As an Impact Agent, you hold the keys to this success.


you’re all in!

Provide housing | top up rent | educate your workplace

Ready to join our registry so your agency can start housing clients?

Ready to support a Warrior Woman and her children by topping up their rent for one year?

Ready to educate your workplace about FDV? Then this is the membership for you!

For $2,600 per year, you can change a family’s life through financial assistance and housing opportunities and create an FDV-informed workplace.

What can we do for you?

Orana House has designed an educational program specifically for real estate agents to understand the complexities of FDV better, learn how to recognise FDV, and know what to do about it. This is helpful when housing our clients and can be applied to your workplace. We’ll even assist you in reviewing and developing your in-house FDV policies and procedures for tenants and staff.

We’ll also champion your support online and through our Warrior Women newsletter.


The Connecter

Providing housing

Got rentals worth $500 and below and willing to promote clients as best tenants? Then you’re a Connector!

Join our register to start housing Warrior Women today! You’ll receive regular emails and phone calls from our housing team, who advocate for our clients. You can also contact us if you have a property that might be suitable.


The Mover

Top up rent

Support our clients with much-needed financial assistance to access housing that suits their needs. Though our clients have the capacity to pay rent, in today’s market, houses are just out of their financial reach.

For $2600, you can top up rent for one Warrior Woman and her children for a whole year. This can be paid upfront or in instalments.


We’ll keep you updated with all our success, ask you to contribute to project development, and invite you to events through our regular Warrior Women e-newsletter.

Become an Impact Agent and receive a formal acknowledgment of our partnership on social media and via our newsletter.

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