Housing Families

A new project helping our clients overcome barriers in the housing market.

Register your rental – because everyone deserves to live free from violence.



Landlords Needed

Housing Families is a pilot project initiated by Orana House in response to our research into the harmful impacts of Perth’s rental crisis. Bearing a significant brunt are women, often with young children, who’ve come to us because they’re escaping from violence in the one place where they should have felt safest – their homes.

Extensive surveys showed that our clients face constant discrimination in the rental market. They’re at risk of becoming homeless through no fault of their own.

That’s why we’re calling on socially-conscious landlords and property managers to join our rental register.

According to our research, more than 88% of real estate agents (and 44% of landlords) surveyed admitted that they didn’t want FDV victim-survivors as tenants due to unfounded fears of property damage by the perpetrator. Further research proved that this was highly unlikely.

The reality is that our clients make excellent tenants. We know this because they live in our crisis and transitional accommodation for extended periods. We’ve seen firsthand how responsible, clean and house-proud they are. They’ve engaged with our capacity-building services and are more than ready to take on their own lease. Above all, each of them deserves a home where they can live free from violence.

Still sceptical? Don’t be – this project is backed by PM Collective, offering grants of up to $1000 to cover any rental arrears and damage in the first six months.

Housing Families has successfully secured rentals for eight women and their children in the first two months since launching. But we know there is still so much more to be done.

Landlords, Property Managers and Real Estate Agents, can you help?

Email housingfamilies@orana.net.au or call 6155 2665 to learn more.

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