Current Programs

Create supportive networks and make lasting friendships at our group programs.

In addition to the programs listed below, we host a Weekly Social Group, featuring guest speakers, art and craft activities and pampering sessions

All group programs are free of charge. For more information or to register, please phone The SWitCH centre on 6155 2655 to speak with our friendly staff. We accept both agency and self-referrals.



A series of domestic violence education and self-esteem workshops.

The objective of this program is to explore the different forms of abuse and power dynamics in a relationship. It reflects on the effect that ongoing violence has on families and assists them to move forward.

Education about violence provides women with the opportunity to reflect on relationship patterns and build the ability to identify, understand and act on the warning signs.

Art Therapy is an essential part of the program, as it helps the women to explore the emotions and feelings that are raised, leaving them feeling clear and relaxed.

The program affirms women on their decision to address the abuse in their relationships and opens the possibility for a violence-free future for themselves and their families. Long term, these women will be able to recognise these behaviours in others that enter their lives and may be a positive role model to someone else in a domestic violence situation.

Feedback from women who have participated in the program has included comments like:

  • ‘I enjoyed every bit’
  • ‘I wish we could have had longer sessions’
  • ‘It helped me deal with everything I was feeling’
  • ‘It helped me get a very good understanding of relationships, friendships and families – I’d like to do more of what we did today and more art therapy’

A 4-week program assisting women with their children’s behaviour.

This program offers education and participation exploring Why, How and When to parent children from 2-16 years positively and effectively.

This includes up-skilling mothers to raise happy, confident and successful kids; to improve the family’s home life; to help children’s brains develop filters for behaving well; to resolve family conflict quietly, and encourage positive behaviour.

Each program is tailored for the families present in the refuge, drawing on existing successful parenting programs, such as Triple P, Circle of Security, Magic 123 and Tuning In To Kids. Our experienced Child Advocate facilitates this program. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Routines
  • Consistency
  • Preparing in Advance
  • Planned Ignoring
  • Age Appropriate Instructions
  • Role Play and Discussion

Feedback from women who have previously participated in the program has included the following comments:

  • ‘I feel I have more effective ideas to implement rather than just becoming frustrated and angry.’
  • ‘If I remain calm, she is more responsive to my instructions’
  • ‘I am very happy and love spending time with her, actually spending time with her rather than being angry and upset.’
  • ‘I enjoyed how we could talk about personal experiences with our children and get answers back.’
  • ‘I am now more relaxed with my son. I have a strategy, I stick to it, and it works for me.’


Skills and tips for mothers to run a smooth household.

This program helps mothers to look after themselves and increase the time they have with their children. It covers budgets, menus, food shopping and assisting to cook the main meal in the home. It demonstrates how eating regular healthy meals throughout the day can stabilise energy levels and moods for both mothers and children.

Due to the intensity of this program, it is currently only run with families accommodated within the refuge or supported housing program.

Creating secure mother/child attachment through music.

Designed to help with bonding between mothers and their children.

Spending quality time together develops stronger attachment that has sometimes become limited in a family and domestic violence situation. This special reading time can be done as a group or with specific families and gives mothers the chance to engage directly with their children by reading with them.

Due to the intensity of this program, it is currently only run with families accommodated within the refuge or supported housing program.

Accessing education and work pathways.